This blog is more or less a catalogue of the creative projects I do for myself (or sometimes pro bono for someone else). This is not my portfolio.

I take clients once in a while on a freelance basis, but for the most part I do my own thing. I've discovered that my passion for graphic design is bigger than any project I've ever done for someone else. It increases my vocabulary. It empowers me to communicate with clarity. It cultivates my personal brand. I utilize my graphic design skills to share the creative things I do with you. That's what this blog is about.

I suppose if I really wanted to I could apply at every printing press in Sunnyvale or wherever, and settle for some under-paid gig with zero creative nurturing. Screw that. I'd rather learn how to knit, or draw hands all day, so that's what I do.

Over the past few years this blog has been here soaking up the little projects I keep to myself: my drawings, digital doodlings, yarn abominations, procrastinated personal projects and personal creative triumphs all end up here.

These are the things I love to do and talk about.