sketchbook: December 2006

Images gathered from my sketchbooks.

Drawn from stock photography.

drawing: Guy at an Angle

Another marker drawing I did with Pantone Letrasets, mainly cool & warm greys and black. Drawn on 11.21.06 from stock photography.

drawing: Art Nouveau Girl

Inspired by Aubrey Beardsley's illustrations for Oscar Wilde's Salomé.
Drawn on 11.18.06 from my imagination.


sketchbook: November 2006

Snapshots from my sketchbooks. All drawn from my imagination.


11.18.06 (11.06.06 continued)



sketchbook: September 2006

Snapshots from my sketchbooks.

Drawn from my imagination.

Girl drawn from a photograph, the rest from imagination.


illustration: Phoenix Crest Project

This is something I've been meaning to do. To create this composition, I scribbled simple shapes and lines with an 8B graphite and scanned them. I used only these shapes and lines to create the bird, then used some vectors to add more color.

Here are the scanned elements I used to make the bird.
I ended up using only about 10-12 of them.


drawing: Lightbox

Drawn on my janky home-made lightbox. Both images were drawn from stock photography.


illustration: Grow #2

I made this using some recent photography of grafitti in the downtown San Jose area, and a grape vine in my back yard.


drawing: Zombie Metality

I don't remember which Resident Evil game it was, but there was a journal you find in the game belonging to a scientist working in the top secret underground facility. As the journal progresses, you find out that this scientist was bitten by a zombie, and is slowly becoming one of the undead. The first few entries, though a bit mundane, are very eloquent. In the last entry, he simply writes: "Itchy... tasty..." Despite the morbidity, I always laugh whenever I play throught the game up to that point. Remembering that journal, I messed around with one of my old zombie drawings and made this.


illustration: Tatau #1

I started this vector illustration yesterday using the photos I took at Folsom. Still a ways to go with the midtones and shadows.
Check out some other photos I shot here.


alternative submission: Soulstar

This was the initial submission for a night club flyer design. This one is still my favorite. I thought it conveyed a more 'club' feeling for the front of the flyer, but the client was adamant about selling the space. Personally, I think what we ended up with was a flyer that appears to promote a funiture store. Oh well.


alternative submission: Blueprint

The client didn't go this route, even though it was a better soultion.


drawing: Experiments in Texture

photography: Folsom '03

For some reason, my Mac couldn't open the disc containing the photos I snapped during the Folsom Street Fair 2003. After sending it in for an unrelated problem, the disc finally opened and I was able to check out the contents... two years later.

I found this guy spinning Dancehall for a small group, none of which were the usual leather-clad-daddy rabble. It's these little moments that make me love San Francisco.

drawing: Exploring Font Forms

Sometimes I'll doodle like this to distill shapes out of fonts. This font is called 'Luftwaffe.'