Seeing Red

Hollister Wool

This last sweater I unraveled was a breeze since it was knit with bulky yarn. The hard part was getting a picture of it that wasn't blown out to nuclear proportions.

We've been talking about it in the Yarnographers Group on Ravelry. For some reason, digital camera sensors flip out when it comes to red, so in order to get decent shots you need to under-expose by a few clicks and preset the white balance. Photoshop irons out the rest of the usual kinks like brightness, saturation and all that jazz.


The Life of Sleeves

Made a Zippy

Now that I'm more or less familiarized with my recently acquired sewing machine, I felt it was time for a project. It didn't take long to find this zipper bag tutorial which was just what I was looking for.

I'm all about recycling, so I salvaged a zipper from a pair of destroyed slacks destined for the recycling bin, and some sleeves from two oxford shirts in my scrap pile of old clothes.

The tricky part was having to work around not having a zipper foot for this machine. Basically that meant maintaining a distance between the zipper and the hemlines. Aside from that, my first sewing project was a piece o' cake.

Lowell Dreyfus AlpacaKelly Wool

On the recycling front, I've disassembled two more sweaters, a shetland wool in blue black, and a salt & pepper alpaca. This is the first time I've handled alpaca. The fiber is really soft and resilient. I gotta keep an eye out for more, this stuff is just too fantastic.