Shear Alpha

Shear Alpha (Sold)

I'd like to think all my ideas are good ones, but that's really not how it works. Things get sketched out on paper, then I pick something and run with it. Sometimes only part of it's good. Sometimes the whole thing doesn't work at all. Sometimes it rocks my socks and makes me not want to show it to anyone.

Each series of hats follow a set of structural rules, with variations occurring within those parameters. The Skew series is up to six hats now, and from these works I've chosen the structural elements that clarify the design while also offering some new and interesting opportunities for variation. In short: Skew has evolved into Shear.

Shear takes all the basic structural cues from Skew while adding bands of contrast stitches above and below the parallelogram (The parallelogram shape is fundamental to the design, so that part will never change). Additionally, whatever stitch pattern used on these bands must also be used in the crown section. The brim and center sections are independent of each other, but they are free to match as they do here.

Shear Alpha WiP

The trefoil crown (which is on every hat I make) is now free game. I've never messed with the propellers before, so this should be interesting. These ten-stitch columns are free to match any section.

The Alphas set the basic standards of the series, so what you see here is Shear at its most minimal. Stay tuned to see where I go from here.

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Reflect Bravo

Reflect Bravo (Sold)Reflect Bravo WiP

After a significant diversionary period (customary during the summer months) Reflect Bravo is done. Similarly to Reflect Zero, it consists of two stitch patterns reflected vertically. This one works with 2x1 ribbing, with the second stitch pattern introducing an alternating seed stitch column. Stockinette bands accentuate the transitions, just like the Alpha.

What pulls me from my comfort zone with Reflect is the ribbing at the crown. Unlike Skew the ribbing extends up into the crown, and needs to line up properly. That takes some futzing around with the math. Another thing I have a problem with is that SSK on the left of each decrease column. But hey, practice makes perfect.

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