Back on Track

Carve Charlie has been on hold after running into some structural weirdness, but I resumed work on it after receiving some new needles from Knit Picks. I purchased another set of sevens since my other ones are currently occupied, and I'm not pulling them off that project. If I do it'll never get done.

Carve Charlie WiP

Anyway, I bought a pair of nickel plated inter-changeables, a 40 inch cable set and some markers. I've been curious about these for a while now, and with the great support of buyers I was able to get a pair. These feel fantastic. I like the sharp tips, and they screw onto the cable nicely.

What I don't understand is the absence of any kind of marking on the needles to indicate what size they are. I find that odd. What if your sixes and sevens got mixed up? I suspect some kind of marketing strategy. I guess they're entitled to that. I still love these needles.

Despite not knowing what the heck I intend to do with it all, I've amassed a hefty amount of cotton thread weights. I've been experimenting with holding multiple strands together in different colors, and the results are interesting. The fabric is reminiscent of television static, as the lack of plying creates a dithered effect to the colors. I kinda like the effect, but if I were to do this, I'd like a more analogous pairing. Quiet hues would also be great with this. Now I need more colors...

Speaking of thread weights, I got through the silks in my sweater pile. They're really beautiful. The blue and green ones are silk cashmere blends, and the white intarsia is pure silk. They feel downright decadent.

BR Silk CashmereBR Silk Cashmere
Alfani Silk

I was particularly impressed by this lamb's wool lace weight. It's a heathered brown two ply that's as soft as you'd expect of a lamb's wool. It's this wonderful natural color that wows me. I may just double this up for Skew Delta.

Four Winds Lamb's Wool


Carve Delta

Carve Delta

Carve Bravo wasn't in my possession very long after it was completed. Someone bought it two days after it was listed, and it was gone. So I made another one for myself. Carve Delta is structurally the same hat as Carve Bravo with an adjustment to the height of the seed stitch band. I wanted that section shorter since the stitch counts per row were increased from 96 to 108. I wanted more slouch. Big surprise, right?

Carve Delta WiP

The yarn came from the same sweater (never photographed) which consisted of a medium gray as the main color with a lighter, silver gray stranded into vertical columns. The medium gray was used for Carve Bravo, but I was never sure if I had enough of the silver gray for another. That is until now. I had just enough, and this one is all mine.