Recycled Yarn for the Stashing

FroggingGap Cotton Blend

I just finished pulling apart another one of the sweaterdresses my sister gave me, so now I've got lots of this great heather gray yarn to work with. According to the label it is 60% cotton, 20% nylon & 20% wool, and the wraps per inch measurement puts this yarn at a lace weight (18 wpi), and a sport weight (12 wpi) when doubled up.

I need to dig around my house (or go to Home Depot or something) for a 3.5 foot two by four or something to make a skein measuring board*. I really have no idea how many yards I've got. But then again I'll probably make another beanie anyway, so I'm not all that worried. Or maybe I should make some fingerless mits. Hmmm...

* Hammer 2 nails 3 feet apart on a 2x4. Since 3 feet equals one yard, one complete wrap around the two nails is 2 yards.