knitting: Learning Stranded Knitting

Since December I've been on a "Teach-Myself-to-Knit" kick, and there always seems to be something new to learn. Take stranded knitting (also known as Fair Isle) for example. Typically incorporating two color alternations per row, this technique creates what I've come to call the "Skiing Euro People" style patterns. Check out this cool sweater pattern at Garn Studio to see what I mean.

In order to connect with the basic concepts of this technique I decided to try a swatch incorporating the infinity logo. The reference I'm going for here is to the Soldiers of the One, a monotheist extremist group from SyFy's Caprica.

In short I learned that incorporating a second color will work out better if you do a few stitches at the start of the row somehow, so that the edges of that color don't look all jacked up like mine in the pictures up there. I also got to practice simultaneous continental and english knitting, which almost drove me crazy at first.

Since I swatch a lot anyway, I'll probably re-try this. A black STO armband would be kinda cool. I can be a space terrorist.