Merino on the Menu

These are the types of fibers that make me want to purge my yarn stash of all acrylics, and turn my nose upwards with fiber-snob piety. The merino fiber staple is as fine as a spider web, and the resulting yarn spun from it is as soft as one would expect. Add to that the characteristics of wool and what you have is next-to-skin-softness, moisture-wicking properties and the strength of a toothy protein fiber.

BR Red BR Charcoal

Indeed, the strength of these thread weight sweaters came as a surprise. I was fully prepared to deal with breakages during unraveling. There were very few. These sweaters were definitely worn, the two red ones actually had minor damage, but I still got some insane yardage.

Now I know why people go ga-ga for merino.

Club Room Navy Club Room Red