Reflect Alpha

Reflect Alpha

The Reflect series is a somewhat evolved form of Pyramid where a diamond forms in the central section. There are two differences: the stitch at the brim now matches the crown, and banding sections outline the diamond shape in a contrasting stitch. Within these new parameters I suppose Pyramid could still happen, but just under a new name.

In terms of fiber, Reflect will be where all the merino is at, as well as the higher-end shetland wools. If I ever get any appropriate colors, cashmere will be used on these as well. I hope to develop Reflect as the lightest knit weight in the best recycled fibers I can find.

Reflect Alpha WiP

Reflect Alpha was knit using a four thread multi-strand merino wool recycled from two different sweaters: a men's polo by Club Room, and a women's sweater from Banana Republic. Despite the different brands these thread weight yarns were identical in color and weight. I held four strands together to achieve the appropriate gauge and couldn't tell the two apart.

I still haven't decided which color merino to use for the Bravo. A cool charcoal gray, or a brownish warm gray? Hmmm....

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