Light Beats

It's been three weeks since I finished this piece, but weaving is still so new to me that I've been reluctant to model the final piece. After it was done, I kept it within reach so that I can wear it every now and then. In hindsight, the reluctance was irrational. I thought that the delicate openness would somehow distort into a tangled mess, or that it would somehow crumple like a vampire lit by sunlight, or tear apart like wet paper. That's how I feel about the things I make sometimes.

Yet the structure of this piece has remained as it was after cut from the loom and washed. The varying density of light beats and high tension have remained fixed in their respective sections. I'm guessing that this is due to the yarn structure. The blue is a lace weight cotton comprised of 60% cotton, 29% nylon, and 11% wool. That synthetic content added weighted drape to the original sweater. It may have contributed to it's elasticity as a warp yarn, but that's just a guess.

Adjacent sections of varying openness will likely ease themselves into place as the piece is worn, but then they may not. I suppose I waited to post about this piece for that reason as well. I wanted to let it break itself in, open up. Let it become part of my life.

Here are the yarns used in this project: Blue, Gray Weft, and Gray Selvedge.