January Roundup

What have I been up to? A lot. January was one of those months where I found myself doing more and posting less. But hey, that means I can dump a whole lot of pictures into one post! Yes folks, this is the January Round-Up. It's been an introspective month of explorations and personal projects.

Carve Charlie WiP

Carve Charlie is almost finished, but I'm really not sure if I'll list it. I worked it on size six needles so the tension is nice and tight. It fits me perfectly, and after blocking will get a little roomier, but I'm starting to think it would be too small to be classified as 'one size.' Rather than indicate this in the item description and risk a potential return, I might just keep it instead. Or maybe I'll frog it and start over. Not sure yet.

Moss Stitch Dish Cloth WiP Yarn Doodle Cables

One of the sweaters I disassembled recently was a cotton/ramie blend which got me thinking: "What the heck is Ramie anyway?" A quick skim of the wiki indicated that it's a natural fiber native to Asia. It's highly absorbent, much like cotton, so the two are commonly blended. So after frogging down a hefty amount of this cotton/ramie multi-strand, I figured I'd do a dish cloth out of it. The pattern is nothing spectacular, I decided to try moss stitch since I've never done it before. It'll be a gift to my sister since she uses these more than I do (and plus it was her sweater).

That blue thing up there is pretty much a "stitch doodle." I do these once in a while to explore new techniques. Most of the time they get frogged, but I decided to take a picture this time. I've been exploring cables with this one in preparation for a pattern I'll be starting soon, once I decide on which yarn to use.

BR Cotton High Sierra Cotton/Ramie
H&M Wool BlendMcDuff Cashmere
Ellen Fisher Merino A&F Tweed

There have been some great additions to my yarn stash this month. Hover over them for yarn details, or just click over to their respective flickr pages. Now that I have a swift I can get through these much faster, especially the thread weight stuff.

Once I get through these personal projects, I'll be able to focus more on the shop again. For the moment I'm just getting selfish with the 'me' time. Somehow I don't think my work would be as good without it.