Duality Bravo

Duality Bravo is a statistical illustration of the ecological relationship between predators and prey. When a predator is eliminated, prey populations boom, resulting in ecological disaster.

The pattern can be seen in the relationship between wolves and deer, where humans decimated wolf populations resulting in over-grazed river banks. This over-grazing in turn displaced insect populations, so the fish and amphibians dependent on these food sources disappeared too. The absence of plants and grasses lead to erosion, and the whole ecosystem went right out the window. In short: don't mess with biodiversity.

Duality Bravo

This yarn was interesting to work with. It consists of four strands of thread held together, so initially I thought it would be too splity to work with. It wasn't. In fact it worked up very smoothly. The cotton/nylon blend has a nice sheen with subtle puffs of lighter greens over the darker olive drabs.

The piece starts with garter stitch rows in a single direction chase, then one side terminates while the other side maxes out, then the maxed side spills over into both sides. I wonder if I could take this biodiversity concept further in terms of knitted construction and color. It would be interesting to incorporate disintegration somehow.