Duality Charlie

Duality Charlie

A while back when I posted about Duality Bravo I was kicking an idea around with knitdad about disintegration. I didn't quite go all the way in that direction on Duality Charlie, but it was the starting point for me, conceptually.

Instead I explored the concept of 'completion.' Many organisms follow a development cycle into maturity, and this idea of completion refers to the end of that cycle. I wanted to demonstrate the inertia of biological maturation up to the point when it slows and stops. I guess it was my way of finding a more positive concept to work from than disintegration which tends to suggest decay and death. I'll just have to save that one for later.

Unlike the previous versions, this Duality is quite large. This was due to the sheer size of visual transition that needed to be demonstrated. Generally speaking, growth cycles progress gradually, but end more abruptly than they start. This worked out rather intuitively, as triangular scarves like this get downright obscene in length near the end. This one ended with 487 stitches. Measuring approximately 30in(76.2cm) down the center spine, and 69in(175cm) across the top, it's the biggest Duality yet, and chances are this is the size I'll be aiming for from now on.

The yarn is a five thread multi-strand in 100% cotton that I recycled a while back. The sweater I recycled was barely worn, so the resulting stitch definition on Duality Charlie turned out nice and crisp.

Color is at play here too. The Alpha was an oatmeal white, Bravo was olive drab, and Charlie is khaki. It's time for Duality to go dark again.