Skew Echo

Skew Echo Skew Echo WiP

Skew Echo is the fifth in the Skew Series. I took this opportunity to cross over into another pattern I've done, applying stitches from one series into this one. The stitch elements first occured on the soon to be released Reflect Bravo. It consists of a seed stitch column alternating with a knit column within the ribbing.

The stitch setup has been applied to the Skew pattern structure. 2x1 ribbing transitions into seed/knit alternations to form the characteristic parallelogram shape with stockinette stitch at the crown.

The yarn is a charcoal gray lamb's wool which recurs with frequency in my work. I like it because it goes with just about everything. It's been recycled from a Gap men's sweater.

I might just do this for all the Echo versions.

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