Thrive Through Cooperation

Duality Delta is about symbiosis, specifically Mutualism in which two organisms benefit from cooperation. This relationship occurs frequently in nature, contributing to the stability of an ecosystem, and facilitating evolutionary survival.

For example, bees pass pollen from flower to flower as they gather it, facilitating plant reproduction. Clownfish enjoy the protection of sea anemones while protecting them from other fish. Mutualistic symbiosis occurs everywhere, and these organisms thrive through cooperation.

Duality Delta

Duality Delta demonstrates Mutualism by using a triangular format to suggest progression, and lengths of garter stitch emanating from the central spine represent life cycles. A reversal occurs at the center where the emanation switches to the outer borders. I use this to suggest the two perspectives of this relationship. While the left and right sides represent each organisms life cycle, the top and bottom sections represent their awareness and perception of the relationship.

The yarn is a navy blue 100% cotton recycled from a sweater vest, and knit on size 5(3.75mm) needles. The piece is set up on a three stitch garter tab with matching three stitch garter borders, and a sewn bind-off.

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