Reflect Charlie

Reflect Charlie

It's a little mind-boggling how many different variations of this technique can be achieved. And by that I mean bumping markers around to create an angular effect. That's like.... all I do. Okay there's that, and the improvisational-ism of my scarves, but that's all I got. Really.

It's been two years this month that I picked up some knitting needles my mom hoarded from some garage sale, and tortured myself for days, figuring out how to get the yarn to roll smoothly through a stitch. After it 'clicked,' I did a couple of totally lame (free) patterns and got hung up on this idea of bumping the stitch markers around. It was like an irresistible urge or something. I liked it so much that I never stopped doing it.

Reflect Charlie WiP

So here's another variation of my OCD these past two years. That wide column style ribbing is really growing on me. I like how it looks when you fold up the brim and expose that pinstriped reversal. I think the sharp contrast compliments the angularity quite well, too.

The yarn is a recycled merino thread weight that I quadrupled together. It came from a barely worn long sleeve polo by Club Room (that's Macy's). The richness of this navy blue really appeals to me. Lately I've been substituting blacks with this color. It looks great with gray. Wait.... everything looks great with gray.

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