Shear Charlie

Shear Charlie (Sold)

I've always liked green. It seems to do this magical contrasting thing with skin tones. I guess that makes sense because the compliment of green is red. Our skin isn't the color of a fire truck, but those warm flesh tones are enough to demonstrate that visual contrast.

So when I found this green J Crew sweater, I was pretty stoked. It's 100% lamb's wool, so it's nice and soft, and it's the same weight as that charcoal lamb's wool I always use. Score.

Shear Charlie WiP

I had to figure the math for a while to make this work. Most of the time I'm shooting for a 12 inch length as a general minimum, and the pattern changes need to happen before I run out of room. In total there are four rib patterns in there that look great both outside and inside. I was seriously considering flipping it inside out. Maybe I'll just reverse certain parts. Hmmm... I better sketch that a while.

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