They Deserve Cashmere

Old Navy Cashmere

A while back there was this forum thread on Etsy where someone was using acrylic yarn for baby items. Somehow I was appalled by that. Maybe I'm missing something there, but the way I see it, they're only babies for a brief moment. Shouldn't we celebrate that with better quality?

The Handmade Movement is about providing quality and craftsmanship, not shortcuts and sale prices. If I want something cheap, there are plenty of mass-produced options out there. Why represent Handmade with mediocre materials? Well, this knitter says screw that. When I think of handmade baby gear, I think of cashmere. Nothing else. Okay, maybe merino, but that's it. Go for heirloom quality.

So to put my money where my mouth is, here's a couple of recent cashmere additions to my stash. I've recycled that gray one specifically for some baby editions of Divide Bravo which are currently in progress. Stay tuned for Divide Bravo Mini because… well, I just don't do baby, so this is totally exclusive.

Old Navy Cashmere