Breathing Room

Reflect Delta

I take a long time to do things. Sometimes it's because I'm focused on doing a good job. Other times (such as with the Reflect series) it's all about committing to a project that is inherently time-consuming. I like doing the hard things once in a while.

And now that holiday season is long gone, I have the breathing room to bust out with the hard stuff, the high resolution knits that fly in the face of a market over-saturated with the chunky, the bulky… the easy. I better just stop there before I start ranting again.

Reflect Delta takes the alternating seed stitch ribbing of Reflect Bravo and flips it inside out. The reversibility of these stitch patterns afford some nice possibilities. It's good practice to shake things up and then harmonize the math.

Reflect Delta WiP

The 1x1 ribbing I've come to despise lately finds a welcome place as banding, where I don't have to do too much of it. It also shifts the base pattern math, breaking the threes with twos. I like the visual contrast that's happening there, where the increased frequency of the repeat overtakes the base pattern.

I don't have much of this charcoal merino, so this will likely be one of two (possibly three). Holding four strands together will do that I guess.

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