Second Third

Gap Cotton

I'm getting around to some sweater killing again. I need the change of pace lately. I've been busy (on what? I'll tell you later). Anyway, this practically vintage men's sweater is one of three yarn batches which will be combined for… something. Don't know yet.

This sweater dates around 1998-2000 or so. The Gap was really pumping these out during that time. I know because I bought quite a few. In fact, the other two thirds of this sweater yarn combination project are from my very own closet. The first one was unraveled a while back, and the yarn has just been sitting around because I've got no plans on breaking out size zero needles, at least not for cotton. That's why I'm combining all these, possibly shooting for size three needles. The third one is just sitting in my closet waiting to meet it's demise.

So yeah, it's a pretty fine yarn. It's more like fat thread. This is a double thread multi-strand that's wonderfully over washed. I guess twelve years will do that to cotton, but surprisingly enough, there were no breaks during unraveling. The charcoal color has cooled significantly, however. This was another reason I wanted to combine this, as the subtle color differences of washed charcoals from three different sweaters should yield an equally subtle result. I like subtle, especially when it originates from a complex, pain-in-the-ass process.