Shear Charlie 3

Shear Charlie 3Shear Charlie 3

California summer is in full swing. These summer nights are what the Shear Series is all about. The open, loosely-knit ribbing breathes so well, especially on those night time bike rides. If you've never gone on a bike ride on a warm summer night, you probably don't even know what I'm talking about. Go do it tonight. It's awesome.

This is Shear Charlie #3. I clarified the design on the second one, and I wanted to do one in this charcoal lamb's wool. This is the sixth hat I've knit from this yarn batch. It used to be a men's sweater from The Gap. I have enough for one more, but I did manage to find another one of these sweaters. The exact same sweater. That seriously never happens, so yeah, awesome.

Shear Charlie 3

Charlie 3 is definitely my favorite Shear so far. I dig the way the fold-over matches the banding. Shear also does a lot of subtle, technique-type things which would just confuse everyone if I tried to explain it, so I won't even try. I dunno what I expect you to walk away with from that last sentence. Maybe that as a conceptual design, the parallelogram element has matured significantly since it's inception in the Skew Series which managed to go from Alpha to Foxtrot (that's six versions) before evolving into Shear. And yes, I'm still pushing forward.

Shear Charlie 3 WiP

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