Divide Alpha Three

Divide Alpha 3

I think I managed to sneak this one by everyone. These worsted weight projects go by fast, and I end up forgetting to document more of my process like I promised myself I would.

Anyway, this is the third iteration of Divide Alpha. There have been some structural tweaks here and there. For starters, the stitches per row has been increased. Also, the brim section before the first transitions has been lengthened from 6 rows to 12 rows. In a nutshell these changes have yielded more hat. It's a bit wider, and a bit longer.

Divide Alpha 3

The yarn I've used was first seen on Skew Foxtrot way back when (wow last summer). It's a lamb's wool (50%) Nylon (38%) Angora (12%) blend recycled from an H&M sweater. I've held together four strands to achieve a worsted weight.

And it occurred to me during this photo shoot that this is the only red shirt I own. I find that shocking. I need to buy more red shirts. These subdued reds look great with brown.

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