Reflect Echo One

I'm not sure if I'm unlucky, or if pure blacks are just rare, but this is the only black merino I've ever found. Maybe I've griped about it before, but sweater recycling usually means you get what's available, and there's never any black. Sometimes there is, but the condition is horrendously faded, damaged, etc. I guess people really love their black sweaters. So much that they either never give them up, or wear them into the ground. Maybe that's it.

The baseline stitch of Reflect Echo is 3x1x1x1. It's like a 3x3 rib alternated with a 1x1 rib. I incorporate seed stitch along the transitional banding, and then directly into the baseline stitch. The resulting seed stitch verticals sort of look like vertebrae to me, and the diagonals subtly warp the ribbing.

Because of the multi-strand structure of the Reflect Series, this yarn will get used up pretty quick, so it's not likely that I will have another one available for sale after this one. Unless, of course, I luck out and find another black merino sweater to recycle.

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