Reflect Echo Two

If you follow me on Facebook, you'll recognize this one. When I first started posting pics of Reflect Echo Two, I referred to the color as Roger Sterling's hair. Its like a luminescent gray, like silver. When it was done that luminosity asserted itself in the early modeled shots. This yarn seemed to reflect a lot of the warmer light in the room, and that subtle variation in the color proved problematic for me. I try to get as close to the actual color as possible, and this was a serious wrench in my gears. I managed to get it as close as possible, but I think I just need to man up and buy a gray card already.

This yarn is a recycled merino thread weight knitted in quadruple strand. What can I say… I love this hat, not just because of this dynamic neutral, but because it's a Reflect Series piece: The highest gauge I offer with the best fibers I've collected and recycled.

This is definitely the best color I have found so far in terms of defining that Gridjunky look. I'm all about the neutrals, especially complex neutrals like this one that play with light, and demonstrate a sophisticated contrast when paired with equally subdued colors.

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