Divide Bravo Eight

This is the other color of that vintage Caron from the eighties I scored a while back. Compared to the khaki yarn, this one was of much better quality. Big Box yarn companies are notorious for knots and slubs, and apparently it's been happening (at least) since the eighties when this yarn was produced. From the four skeins in the khaki color, there were seven hanks (the twist donuts) produced. That's three knots that had to be cut. In contrast, the brown had no knots at all. Color was also consistent, as a whole. There were no faded areas, or inconsistencies.

So this is Divide Bravo Eight. I really need to go over my notes and see how many Divide Bravos I've made because it's way more than eight. That's just the number of modifications/clarifications to the design. I think it could also be the best seller in my shop, but I barely pay attention to such things. I've made a lot of these, let's just leave it at that.

The design has four different pattern stitches dispersed into intersecting dual speed simultaneous transitions. Does that make any sense to you? No? Good.

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