Shear Echo Four

I've been mentioning it here and there over the years, and the time has finally come. This is the last of this 100% lamb's wool. I have enough for two hats, and it's finally gone. You might remember me mentioning how I found two of the same sweater which never happens. This effectively doubled this yarn lot. So over the past few years, this yarn has appeared in more hats I've knit than any other yarn. I'll need to count how many there are one of these days (I probably won't).

So here we are: Shear Echo Four. In case you missed it, here are Echos Zero, One, Two, and Three. All the parallelogram structures are there, and the columns that set the foundation for the crown decreases, the mid-row transition breaks, and the yaadda yadda. All there.

The Shear Series has proven to be the most diverse of the three that I've been exploring. I've experimented with these parallelogram compositions a lot. It's interesting to note that the Shear Series is the middle weight yarn of the three. The Divide Series is worsted weight, knit on US7(4.50mm) needles, and Reflect is lace weight multi-strand, worked typically on US2(2.75mm). Shear finds a middle way between the two, usually ending up on US4(3.50mm). So it's logical that my mind finds a way to play with this series. I don't have to commit to the unrelenting row totals of Reflect, or rely on the low resolution of Divide's worsted weights.

In hindsight, I can't believe how prolific I've been with this work. I thought I'd be sick of this by now. I'm thankful that so many of you appreciate it. You guys are rad.

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