Reflect Alpha Two

I don't know why I seldom do reversal compositions like this. Maybe I just don't want to over-use the idea. This re-design of the first iteration of Reflect incorporates a reversal of a ribbing stitch I've grown quite attached to, a 3x1. I like the way it stabilizes itself. Ribbing with an equal ratio (such as in the original Alpha's 2x2) does what we all expect it to do: it contracts the fabric. This is a characteristic I try to avoid.

The structural rules of Reflect dictate that the stitch at the brim match the stitch at the crown, and by using a 2x2 rib on the original, I made a crown that scrunched up into a point. Sort of. Okay, not really, but it was way more pointed than I'd have liked. The 3x1 resolves this visual peeve by horizontally widening the crown section.

The Full Trefoil is in full effect here, extending the three columns to the angled stockinette banding. From a production standpoint these lay a foundation for the crown decreases before they actually happen, which is pretty great. It means I don't need markers when it's time to work them.

Okay I better stop, because I'm getting too technical, and I probably confused all the non-knitters with my yammering. This won't be available for another three months. Connect with me on Facebook for notifications of new listings and first looks at upcoming work.

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