Given & Received

A little late as a Christmas gift for my sister, but that's what happens sometimes. The yarn was initially a bulky weight consisting of four strands of lace weight which I split. Pyramid Charlie went smoothly before I noticed some errors about three quarters through. I guess it was understandable given the complex, simultaneous transitions. I love how the diamond turned out on this one, outlined in seed stitch. Fixing the errors tacked on some unexpected overtime, but it turned out really beautiful.

Pyramid Charlie

A fitting gift considering she got me one of these babies:
Got a Swift!
This swift accommodates my six footer skeins rather nicely. It's gonna save me a bunch of time. Up until now I've been using my camera tripod which was a rather slow solution. With a winder and a swift I feel like a real knitter now. Will it be enough to get me off World of Warcraft? Yeah, probably. Okay yeah, definitely.

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