Cool It Now

Lots of blue happening around here lately. I didn't intend for it to happen, but there it is. Fine with me, seeing as San Jose is blazing hot lately. Duality Delta is coming along rather quickly in a navy cotton multi-strand. Delta explores the idea of symbiosis, where two different organisms cohabitate for mutual benefit.

Duality Delta WiPLeg Warmers WiP

Ever since I re-opened the shop my personal knitting has all but ceased with the exception of some leg warmers I've been working on here and there. I've wanted a pair for some added insulation on cold bike rides, but the one I finished so far has been handy for warming this ankle injury I got (wasn't used to the grip teeth on these new bike pedals I got, went thrashing around like an idiot, and twisted my ankle).

Anyway, want more cool hues? Check out these new additions to my stash:

Kerry Classics WoolJ Crew WoolGap Cotton Blend