Divide Alpha

Divide Alpha

I'm getting better at these angular transitions, and messing with them more. The last time I did simultaneous multi-directional transitions was on Reflect Zero. I think before that it was Pyramid Charie. This time I took two transitions and intersected them, then added a steeper-angled transition after that. This resulted in some nice symmetry, at least in the design of it.

Well guess what: I like to break symmetry. So I used this intersection to split a ribbing pattern in two. And that might sound as confusing as it did to me at first, but then that's what sketchbooks are for. After confirming the math, I dove right in.

Divide Alpha WiP

The yarn is a 100% wool that I recycled out of a scratchy sweater quite some time ago. These rustic wools are great as hats, and show off some cool texture.

The Divide Series will give me a chance to do some lower-gauge stuff which I tend to avoid doing. I guess It'll be appropriate for the upcoming months. Plus these worsted weight yarns are starting to pile up on me.

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