Nudge Alpha

Nudge Alpha (Sold)Nudge Alpha WiP

By now I'm sure many of you have noticed my visual interest in geometric forms and angularity. Finding new ways to demonstrate these forms in knitting leads me to some interesting places. Nudge Alpha takes it's visual cue from crystalline structures, specifically their striated surfaces.

The technical premise of Nudge is simple: Treat a series of random numbers as ribbing while nudging to the right on every other row. This creates a continuum of numbers traveling up the work diagonally, and since it's ribbing, it's reversible.

The random number selection (1-9) asserts an improvisational nature. It's important to me to add these unpredictable elements. They represent the organic characteristics of the forms they demonstrate. A friend of mine described it as "i ching knitting."

This yarn was recycled from a nicely broken in sweater, so the the drape turned out pretty fantastic. It consists of a 9 thread multi-strand with 5 dark grays and 4 medium grays. They work up as a subtly striated charcoal reminiscent of brushed metal.

There are lots of directions to go with this design, and I'll definitely be screwing around with it.

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  1. I love the color of this one, and it looks like it drapes so nicely too!

  2. It does! Cottons are pretty fantastic like that. The guy who bought it was pretty stoked.