I'm Officially Less Ghetto

I'm still a little excited from yesterday when I received my new labels in the mail. I started putting them on the existing stock as well as the private pieces I kept for myself. The hat shown in the picture is Reflect Zero. These are a great finishing touch to my stuff.

It wasn't as hard as I thought to find someone locally to do these for me, and it was an added bonus that Print for Brand offered shorter runs at a great price. Now I can say "Made in San Jose" and really mean it.

At 3/8 inch by 2 inches, these are perfect for my hats and scarves. They're small, but precise. I'm not one to be flamboyant with any of my work, and the understated reiteration of my logo type connects well with my restrained, methodical nature.

Now I don't feel so ghetto. Next big buy: some sort of packaging.