Shear Bravo

Shear Bravo

The basic rules of Shear are the parallelogram shape in the middle, flanked above and below by bands of contrast stitches that match the crown section stitches. Alpha and now Bravo have both incorporated standard stockinette stitch in these areas.

Shear Bravo

The upper band is basically invisible since it's adjacent to the crown section itself. For now this upper band only serves as a visual gap between the upper parallelogram and the ribbed decrease columns. In later editions I'll explore the possibilities of this invisible divider, but for now I'm still rockin' that stockinette "white space," as I like to put it.

Shear Bravo WiP

Rather fitting since this piece is very understated overall. The double seed stitch that sits between the ribbing ended up quite restrained, perhaps due to the combination of my loose knitting and a dark yarn. It's like a checkerboard shadow.

Speaking of which, this is a 100% lamb's wool yarn recycled from a Gap sweater. I think this is the fourth hat I've made out of this sweater. With what's left I think I can muster up one more hat. Maybe one for me?

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