Bits of Light and Dark

Sonoma Cotton

I've got this vision in my head of white scarves. It's slowly coming to fruition with one silk project under wraps and slated for spring, but I've been keeping my eyes peeled for various whites in cotton. The idea is to combine the strands into one yarn. When knit up, the analogous variation creates a visual depth to the color. I first noticed this on the charcoal cotton I used on Nudge. The fabric has this subtle striation that takes advantage of the multi-strand structure.

By combining this pure white with that Fa├žonnable Cotton I got a while back, I should be able to get the same effect, but I still need to swatch it all out. Who knows, it might suck.

Gap Merino

This charcoal merino is another multi-strand candidate, this time in the merino category, although it's nice enough to stand on it's own. But then again, a halter top women's x-small didn't yield much yarn, so some combo action could happen, depending on the project. Either way it's nice to have it, charcoal merino is always welcome here.