Shear Charlie 2

Shear Charlie

Spring/Summer is in full swing, and although Spring is pretty much over, I still want some color in my shop. I don't list much during these hotter months. There just isn't a market for such things this time of year. But I look at this as an opportunity to let the stock pile up.

I've made a slight modification to this design. The original had more of that 1x3 ribbing near the top. I've shortened that section to harmonize with the 1x1 ribbing near the crown so they both frame the central section. This meant tweaking the math slightly where the garter rib meets the 1x3. In order to achieve the same length as the original, I had to re-orchestrate the transitions to stay within the confines of the row totals. That's starting to sound complicated. The 1x3 ribbing section is shorter. That pretty much sums it up.

Shear Charlie 2 WiP

So by doing this the parallelogram shape is framed by a 1x3 section at the top, and a 1x1 section near the brim. This does a couple of things to the design that I'm really geeking out about. One: it adds variety while still maintaining unity. Two: since both framing sections are the same length, this variety can be seen whether the hat is worn long or folded up.

This hat looks particularly awesome when it's worn folded up, as the 1x3 ribbing aligns with the brim section which is inversed (3x1). I really like how it does that. I suppose that's one of the reasons why I like messing around with ribbed hats. You can play with these reversals that occur at the brim, and unify elements in fun ways.

Aside from this slight clarification to the design, nothing else is different. The yarn is the same 100% lamb's wool as the original, a rich hunter green recycled from a J Crew sweater. I feel motivated to do another, so I may just do a light gray one. And a charcoal one.

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