Delete Alpha

This really isn't anything spectacular. I'll admit that right now. I don't even know for sure what the fiber content of this yarn is. Burn tests have lead me to believe it's acrylic, but I honestly don't know. The original garment was a hideous vest that some knitter somewhere must have thought was a good idea, and I'm hoping said knitter doesn't take offense to the first half of this sentence, or the next. It was ugly.

So anyway, I got ahold of it way back in 2010, when I was just starting to recycle yarn from sweaters. This was the first time (and the last) that I unraveled a garment that wasn't mass produced. I guess it was an early lesson to stick with the bigger brands that have wonderful little labels that state in no uncertain terms what fibers a garment is comprised of. That's valuable information.

After sitting in my yarn stash for the past three years, I dug it out while looking for craft materials to bring to a craft swap I attended recently. I just wanted to get rid of it. The mystery of it all was driving me nuts.

But I didn't. I decided to just make something out of it as a personal project (not for sale). As a 'bulky' weight yarn, it knits up ridiculously fast, and there was enough for a decent loop scarf. So I said "Screw it. I'll just bang it out, and be done with it."

The pattern is pretty straight forward. I've used that 3x1 ribbing I never shut up about to stabilize a reversible composition, and threw three seed columns into the mix. I finished it in two days.

I call it "Delete" because I just wanted to use up this yarn. I did end up using all of it. I also call it "Delete" because I might just end up giving it away. It really isn't anything spectacular.

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