Shear Charlie Four

This was one of the first pieces that I started adding full trefoil crowns to. You can see the previous crown design in the last image of the Etsy Listing. It was a plain column, a simple 3x1x3, but still a full trefoil, reaching from the crown all the way down to the angular transitions.

To further unify the design elements, I've added the garter stitch ribbing to the trefoil. I think it's got more visual "Umph" to it this way. Aside from that, it's still the same hat as the previous iteration, structurally.

The J Crew sweater that this yarn was recycled from was in great condition, and the sweater construction was easy to undo. With the exception of a few yards of chain stitching, there was barely any waste from this yarn lot. There is still quite a lot of it left, so Charlie Four will be around in the shop for a while.

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