I finished up the Duality scarf yesterday, at least up to the point of washing and drying it. I didn't really write a pattern for it either. It's a provisional cast on with 3 stitch garter borders, with 3 rows of garter stitch at the end. I'm really diggin' how it turned out. It's a clean, organic design which echoes natural patterns while embracing my interest in white/negative space.

Trees are like slow explosions. Branches grow along predetermined paths forming patterns that are seemingly simple, but the process of growth itself is intricate and a little mysterious. Conceptually, that's what's going on in this piece: the duality between perceived simplicity and complex processes.


With the completion of this third piece, I'm just about ready to start my shop listings. All that's left is to make some brand tags and attach them. I spent the bulk of today writing up my shop policy, setting my shipping rates and designing a shop banner, so I think I'm all set as far as that stuff goes. Look for a new shop button when gridjunky launches this month (no really, it'll happen this time).

So what's next? Hmm... I'm thinking: "glitch."