I Tend to Tinker

There's a lot of bleed through in the creative things I do. I tend to tinker. When I draw I just let it out, but I tend to clarify within a series of seemingly identical images. With logos I do the same thing, and now with my knitting I find myself doing the same exact thing.

Pyramid Bravo (I use call signs) is the same pattern as Pyramid Alpha, but with a different trio of stitch patterns. Alpha goes like this: 1x1 rib > 2x2 rib > stockinette. Bravo starts with 2x2 rib, then 4x4, then... I haven't decided yet. Maybe I'll do seed stitch. Anyway, here's a picture:

Pyramid Bravo

Now that I have a yarn winder I can start (and in some cases finish) disassembling the cotton sweaters I've been avoiding for various reasons. The exif data on the armband sweater picture is from way back in April, and without a winder it took forever to whittle away at thread weight cotton (20+wpi!!). This winder makes things much easier. Those spools are rolled up magazine pages.

The other sweater victim was a little easier to deal with. This is a sport weight multi-strand. The cool thing about recycling cotton yarn is that it's already been washed a bunch of times, so it's all broken in and soft. This is a great color too. It's about 65% to 70% gray with a subtle warmth that pushes a bit toward purple.


On the shop front, I'm writing up some snappy product descriptions for everything, and planning out all the branding and graphics. The alphas for Pyramid, Skew & Duality should be up for sale by the end of the week. Tell a friend!