Pyramid Bravo

Pyramid Bravo

Some of you may be wondering what the deal is with my knitting. It's pretty simple, really. I don't want to make the same thing over again, and I like to improvise. One thing I noticed from knitting patterns was that I rarely follow them. I tend to change them dramatically. Eventually I came to realize that all I need is a really basic structure. From there I can do whatever I want.

Since I use recycled materials, duplication is not very likely. Besides, I just don't want to. Uniqueness is a good thing. Moving forward is also awesome.

So anyway, here's a preview of Pyramid Bravo, the second in the Pyramid Series. I tried something new this time around: multiple transitions (specifically three). After the first transition, two more are introduced within the diamond section, and eventually get overtaken by the final stockinette transition. Yeah, confusing, whatever. Look at the picture.

Pyramid Bravo will be available tomorrow (Wednesday, October 27th).
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