Thick & Thin

Okay, so I've been looking for ways to cover multiple price points in my shop. One option was to make little things like coffee cup cozys which are easy to produce and could be priced accordingly. It's a viable option, but I decided instead to knit up a hat in worsted weight yarn. It's a little strange for me. I'm used to dealing with thinner weights like lace and sport that work up into sophisticatedly thin fabrics.

Totally doable though. Thicker yarns work up quicker, and therefore can carry a lower price point since they require less production hours. This one I'm calling Carve (Alpha). 100% Italian wool and it feels fricken fantastic.

Carve AlphaSkew Bravo

Skew Bravo is coming along nicely, and I have a feeling it will be just as magnificently drapey as the Alpha. I'm really diggin' the rustic brown.

Cotton Blend

I got around to dismantling this cool men's cardigan last night. I had been putting it off because of the sheer size of it. Not only is it an extra large, it's a pretty thin multi-strand weight. I finished winding it up this morning. It's 70% cotton and 30% nylon, and seems to have a sheen I never saw in the original sweater. I wonder if it was because it was ribbed? I'll have to swatch it up in stockinette to see what's up. I have a feeling this olive drab green would make a great Duality Bravo...